Power Generation

Delivering smart and safe operations and maintenance through digital

Smart Operations & Maintenance

Increase asset lifetime and plant performance

Reduce downtime:

Provide early warning of future faults to increase asset reliability

Optimize production:

Use connected intelligence to improve energy efficiency, heat rate and load factor

Ensure business continuity:

Capitalize on knowledge transfer


Secure systems and critical infrastructures

Reduce operating costs and downtime through process and asset optimization

With aging infrastructures, and heavy capital investments delaying their maintenance and repair, energy and utilities companies must focus on safety and risk management. There can be no compromises. By connecting physical assets to the digital world, Atos helps energy and utility organizations reinvent business models, optimize operations, and create safer and greener services.

Asset Performance Analysis

Our services improve asset reliability, and reduce operating costs and downtime through:

  • Prescriptive maintenance and condition-based monitoring
  • Process optimization
  • Real-time simulation of asset behavior to improve yield management

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Predictive Operation and Scheduling

Atos solutions improve operations from control room to plant floor using:

  • Process automation
  • Digital twinning and access to real-time data
  • Value-based maintenance using artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Predictive analytics to safely maximize the effective life of plants and assets

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Data-Driven Control Systems /IOT – Sensing and Monitoring

Through business-driven analytics, IoT and AI, Atos provides the skills, capabilities and technologies to build new data-driven services and drive innovation, while meeting stringent security and regulatory requirements.

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Protocols (single platform) and Fleet Hypervision

Our solution enables:

  • Centralized supervision and operational safety by redundancy of equipment, networks and servers
  • Round-the-clock protection from both physical and digital threats

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Control System Modernization

Operators need to know that every person who enters the site or accesses sensitive data and applications is authorized to do so. Atos Wearables and Biometrics for Secure Identity and Access Control is a robust, secure and practical approach to addressing both physical and logistical access control through innovative mobility solutions.

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Critical LTE Communications

Nuclear power plants must prepare to migrate communications systems to comply with the new LTE standard. Our modular, end-to-end LTE solution is ready for integration with new and existing networks. Scalable to 5G environments, it ensures secure and resilient communications for the long term.

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Client Story

Modernizing data processing for EDF Energy at Dungeness

EDF Energy tasked Atos with replacing the main data processing system at its Dungeness-B advanced gas-cooled nuclear power station. The resulting data processing and control system has improved performance and standardized technology. It’s the prime interface to central control room operators, presenting information about current plant status in addition to critical automatic and sequence control functions.


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