Customer and Service Innovation

Deliver increased value across the entire asset lifecycle management value chain

Asset Performance Management

Efficiently manage and optimize assets and their lifecycle


Reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs


Harness a 360º view of your physical assets


Improve Mean Time to Response (MTTR) and increase asset uptime


Streamline repair operations and processes

Providing added value through digital service twins

Atos’ digital twin framework offers a unique approach to implement asset performance management at the right pace for your organization.

Atos delivers a 360° view of enterprise data, including IT (corporate infrastructure), OT (field operations) and ST (semantic knowledge) systems through a proven methodology for capturing, monitoring, and analyzing data so you can make more informed decisions.

Our digital twin solution is a decision-making visualization and prediction platform, which provides a single point of access via 3D models to predict operational status and optimize asset performance.

Atos Digital Twin Platform for the Manufacturing Shop Floor

  • Detect potential issues and provide insights into overall equipment efficiency (OEE) with platform monitoring and analytical capabilities
  • Improve shop-floor machine availability and dynamic production planning
  • Optimize asset performance with simulation and modeling of operating scenarios
  • Significantly improve productivity by consolidating all data in a single system

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Asset Maintenance Services

  • Establish a proactive maintenance approach and anticipate asset unavailability
  • Improve Mean time to Response (MTTR)
  • Reduce operational cost by increased asset uptime
  • Ensure asset monitoring in real time allowing trend identification, proactive root cause analysis and quicker access when issues happen

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Client Story

Renom Energy

Atos implemented a digital twin solution that provided Renom a 360° view of data from critical field assets and improved monitoring, performance and maintenance.

As a result, MTTR improved by 20%, operational costs reduced by 12% and asset uptime was increased.

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Performance twin for service

Targeting business outcomes through Digital Twin.

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The impact of Digital Twins on infrastructure maintenance

This post addresses the challenges of infrastructure maintenance, from the vast number of objects involved to the manual nature of maintenance processes.

By Stefan Zimmermann, Global Head of Incubator Portfolio Industry Manufacturing.

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