Common Data Foundations

Build the trusted Citizen ID foundations for e-Government and private services

eID Platform

Secure and simplify your strategy for digital public and private services

Citizen experience:

Improved citizen experience across public and private e-services


Fully secure and sovereign citizen digital ID services


Simplified creation and deployment of trusted digital services


Reduced citizen digital ID costs

Creating digital citizen identities for today’s digital world

Citizen IDs lie at the heart of societies, allowing individuals to prove their identity, communicate securely, access services, receive entitlements and carry out transactions.

While physical IDs are mature, digital IDs are immature in many countries. They are often derived from document-based systems, frequently siloed and rarely interoperable, making for a cumbersome citizen experience.

Imagine a sovereign and trusted digital citizen ID based on multiple biometrics and open to all public and civil use cases. This is precisely what the Atos Citizen Digital ID delivers.

Advanced ID Management

Our end-to-end ID management, from consulting to ID operations:

  • Generates safe and trusted unique digital IDs
  • Manages citizen enrollment and authentication
  • Offers database creation and data deduplication
  • Modular open platform based on open standards
  • Protects privacy and personal data by design

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Trust and Authentication Services

Our centralized services provide management and support including:

  • ID-check gateways based on API and trusted service provider networks
  • Multiple check methods, including biometrics, documents, PKI and 2FA
  • Citizen portal and service desk enhance citizen engagement

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ID Checks for Public and Civil e-Services

Trusted e-services by Atos reduce operational costs and improve collaboration between public sector organizations. We provide:

  • Non-intrusive ID-check operations for e-services providers, including e-gov, e-health, banking and telecom service providers
  • Highly available and secure API-based web services
  • Ecosystem enablement, including consulting, use case definition, ROI calculation and interoperability identification

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Advanced Support Services for ID Providers

We provide CRM, fraud management and key management service (KMS) based on analytics and AI, including:

  • Public servant workplace and end-user support
  • Sovereign cloud with IT service management (ITSM)
  • Cybersecurity services and products to ensure safety and security

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Client Story

Unifying digital IDs for more than 36 million citizens

A large country wanted to deploy a digital National Population Register for all its citizens. The new system would federate all its national IDs into a unique digital ID with strong multi-biometric authentication.

Read how the country implemented the modular Atos Digital ID solution suite, guaranteeing absolute trust. As a result, the country is now able to serve its citizens better while boosting efficiency and optimizing public funding.

Find out more

Digital citizen identities are a must – ID4Africa

Identity authorities are going digital. Explore next-gen citizen IDs at the 2020 ID4Africa – Marathon of innovation, with speakers from many leading organizations, including our own Karim Aboulasse.

Watch the replay >

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