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A new mindset: cybersecurity goes hybrid

In today’s hybrid, multi-cloud environment, a robust approach to cybersecurity is required to maximize the benefits of cloud, while protecting data that is shared across both public and private clouds.

Atos has built a secure hybrid cloud platform for these complex new ecosystems, adding an additional layer of cloud native security controls that can be managed as a single pane-of-glass covering both cloud computing and legacy environments.

Atos addresses how security capabilities integrate into cloud native processes and architectures to ensure our clients security and compliance.

Cloud Security Posture and Protection

  • Prevention, detection, response and prediction of cloud infrastructure risk and where it resides
  • Continuous compliance based on common frameworks, regulatory requirements and enterprise policies and auto-remediation
  • Workload protection providing automated and layered controls to secure configurations, network, applications and storage of workloads

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Cloud Service Provider Security

  • Enhance cloud providers native security tools and capabilities to the highest level for an improved security posture
  • Reduce operational cost and complexity through native capabilities
  • Increase automation and continuous innovation
  • Benefit from a global network of 15 Security Operation Centers, operating 24/7 with highly skilled cloud security teams

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Identity and Data Sovereignty for Cloud

  • Cloud Encryption based on our Trustway product suite that belongs to a wider suite of key management and encryption products
  • Optimal data protection in a hybrid cloud environment
  • Central identity and access management solution covering hybrid cloud based on our Evidian IAM products suite that belongs to a wider suite of SaaS based IAM services
  • Definition and enforcement of strict access policies to improve security and to comply with regulations

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Security for Digital Workplace

  • End-to-end security services, endpoint detection and response solution for Digital workplace
  • Secure the modern workplace but also leverage native controls
  • Cloud Access Security Broker acting as a security control point for cloud applications
  • Detect and prevent data exfiltration, insider threat, compromised accounts, and malware

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  • Application security testing for more secure DevOps pipelines
  • Deploy containers in the cloud with confidence
  • Adopt a shift-left approach by embedding security processes and tools into the CI/CD pipeline
  • Developers can scan the code they write and the libraries they use for known security vulnerabilities, solving them before the application they develop reaches production or testing environments

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Cloud Threat Detection & Response

  • AI-based platform for Managed Detection and Response (MDR) powered by AIsaac
  • Multi vector detection (endpoints, network, users, logs, cloud) & full-service response (investigation, verification, containment, mitigation)
  • Reduction in detection and response times with intelligent security automation

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Client Story

PwC France and Maghreb renews confidence in Atos

Atos is supporting PwC in the migration of its information system - servers and business management applications - to a secure hybrid cloud environment or in Atos's dedicated private cloud - for operational and financial efficiency in the day-to-day operations of the group's employees. Atos guarantees end-to-end security for all services in the work environment: from the deployment of new computers for the 6,000 employees to the management of the Service Desk.

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New technologies and strategic thinking can counter today’s security threats and secure the hybrid enterprise. With the right security policies, processes and partners, businesses can defend themselves against attack and maximize the value of their investment in the cloud.

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