Smart Factory

Boost supply visibility and reliability with integrated 4.0 logistics

Intelligent Supply Chains

Have full control to optimize your supply chain activities


Quickly adapt and optimize supply & production in real time


Automate with robust supply chain management processes

Cost reduction:

Lower operational costs and inventory reductions

Risk mitigation:

Reduce forecasting errors and risks along the supply chain

Boosting your supply chains efficiency and resiliency

Streamlining supply chain management has been a priority for industries for years, and the pandemic has accelerated the urgency with 75% of organizations experiencing major supply disruption. Today, only 6% have complete visibility into their supply chains.

To help streamline and deliver insights, our Intelligent Supply Chain platform enables real-time guidance along supply processes to better monitor, prevent disruptions, optimize and automate logistics. It brings a solid foundation and four deployable use cases, in full synergy with ERPs.

Precise Time of Arrival

  • Multi-modal & multi-leg transport arrival (PTA) and departure (PTD) predictions
  • Upfront & during transport predictions and updates
  • External events and impact


  • Very accurate prediction for planning
  • Expedited responsiveness with real-time disruption alerts
  • Insights to better manage production schedules and shipping processes
  • Inventory reduction

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Route Optimization

Optimization of transport routes for:

  • Distance
  • Transportation time and cost
  • Product quality

Taking into account:

  • Budget, production schedules, supply chain disruptions, carbon footprint


  • Proactive risk mitigation
  • New insights to better meet customer & corporate objectives
  • Lower carbon footprint

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In-Transport Visibility

Clear visibility of shipments and products during transport on:

  • Location (GPS),
  • Status (Quality),
  • Identity (Product or Shipment ID)


  • Deliver transparency over the supply chain
  • Predict product quality prior to arrival

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Shop Floor Track & Trace

  • Integrate inbound with on-premise and outbound logistics
  • Enable full control tower view of the supply chain


  • Improved production efficiency
  • Improved product quality
  • Fewer liability issues
  • Reduced waste

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Client Story

Global Equipment Supplier

This organization needed to reduce risks related to its inbound logistic processes.

The Atos ISC solution enabled them to:

  • Better monitor incoming goods regarding location and arrival time.
  • Increase the flexibility of its production schedule.
  • Decrease inventory levels by 17% and reduce capital costs accordingly.

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Intelligent Supply Chain

Boost visibility and reliability with integrated, intelligent 4.0 logistics

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