Transport passenger engagement

Boost customer intimacy and generate new revenue streams

Transport Passenger Experience

Provide a seamless passenger experience


Keep passengers informed, increasing satisfaction & loyalty


Reduce the impact of disruptions & financial penalties

Business value:

Generate business value via an integrated ecosystem

Passenger welfare:

Improve passenger safety and security

Ensuring seamless passenger experience across multi-modal transport

How do you create a seamless 360° contextual passenger experience? And create that across all digital and physical touchpoints?

Atos digital platforms and API integration services can help. They allow transport operators to build or federate to multi-operator mobility as a service (MaaS) ecosystems.

Building on those, our passenger information systems for rail, bus and air keep passengers informed and safe. AI technology ensures information is always up-to-the-minute, whether on physical signage solutions in passenger hubs or in mobile applications

Passenger Information Systems

From passenger travel planning and ticket purchase to up-to-date and relevant travel information, our digital information and signage solutions ensure passengers are in control of their journey:

  • For digital signage solutions and mobile applications
  • In transport operators’ vehicles and passenger transport hubs
  • Displays up-to-the-second information

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Passenger Assistance

Our Passenger Assistance services connect passengers to transport operators:

  • Chatbots enhanced with AI provide automated interaction services for passengers
  • Embedded services enable operator kiosks, ticket or intercom systems to connect passengers to passenger service teams
  • Customer operations centers provide fully outsourced service centers operating 24x7x365

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Baggage Management Systems

Our intuitive solutions and services allow passengers to check bags in at hotels, train stations or at the airport with secure baggage drop services:

  • Tailor-made baggage applications
  • Ensure the efficient running of airport operators baggage management services
  • Transform kiosks and ticket machines
  • Provide passenger assistance via remote access and control

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Multi-modal Passenger Journey

Whether you’re a transport operator or a transport authority, our integration services can help you integrate timetable, availability, booking and payment information from multiple transportation providers for a complete picture. We then integrate this information with external data sources – including traffic, weather, news and events – for end-to-end mobility as a service.

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Client Stories


The Belgian Government, together with NMBS/SNCB, encouraged Belgians to take ‘staycation’ holidays across Belgium during the Covid-19 crisis. Atos provided a stable, secure and scalable solution offering Belgians access to their free Tourism Pass, a helpdesk and printing. The solution managed 1,000,000 ticket requests in the first weeks of deployment, reaching 10% of the Belgian population.

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Client Stories

AENA & the Spanish Ministry of Health

Atos developed a hybrid cloud solution and app in just 25 days, using AI to control health and travel information for all air passengers coming to Spain (approx. 200 million passengers each year) . The impact includes increased safety, efficient passenger control, effective track and trace and improved operational efficiency.

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Client Stories

European Transit Authority

Responsible for an Urban Transport Zone that includes 60 cities and 1.3 million inhabitants, this authority wanted to increase passenger satisfaction.

Atos designed, manufactured, installed and now operates a passenger information solution that provides passengers with real-time route and onward journey information, enhancing passenger experience.

Client Stories

Remote Passenger Assistance

A European metro transport company wanted to provide collaborative remote support for passengers using stations ticketing machines.
Atos implemented a help button on the ticket machine that puts the passenger directly in contact with a customer service agent. This proof of concept demonstrates how integration between ticket machine software and remote assistance capabilities can improve the passenger experience.

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