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Boost capacity and quality while reducing costs and time to market

Digital Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing, smart factory and supply chain solutions for pharmaceutical organizations


25% increased plant capacity


30% increase in quality

Time to market:

20% faster time to launch


15% reduction in inventory

Digital manufacturing and intelligent supply chain solutions

The benefits of smart factory and a better-connected supply chain are well known and becoming widely adopted to address the challenges of speedy development and distribution of drugs and here is where Atos can help.

Leveraging domain and industry 4.0 knowledge, alongside GxP validation expertise, Atos is bringing pharma 4.0 solutions to our clients. In partnership with Siemens Digital Logistics, Atos delivers digital transformation through innovative solutions such as IoT, AI and ML.

Smart factory

  • Integrated industrialization
  • Connected equipment
  • Connected teams and operations
  • Smart quality
  • Real time data-drive supply chain
  • Building digital foundation

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Connected supply chain

  • Real time delivery prediction
  • Route optimization
  • Supply network simulation
  • In transport visibility
  • Shop floor track and trace
  • Production on demand

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Digital Twin

  • AI and machine learning models
  • Process control
  • Data analytics
  • Cyber security
  • IoT, AI and Advanced Analytics
  • Simulation

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A3i (Automation, Analytics and AI)

  • A3i consulting and advisory services
  • Intelligent bot development
  • RPA
  • ML DevOps
  • Managed services
  • Data and insights

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Client Story

Multinational pharmaceutical organization

Atos and Siemens, a global engineering leader, are working together with the pharmaceutical industry to improve production with an innovative ‘Process Digital Twin’ for pharma. This digital replica, powered by IoT, AI and Advanced Analytics, is designed to provide improved efficiency and flexibility in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.
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The role of digital twins in producing a COVID-19

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is looking at vaccine as the only sustainable way to prevent the disease.

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Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things

Digital transformation for connected manufacturing.

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