Accelerating clinical trials and reducing costs with digital technologies

Clinical Trials

Upgrade your patient and staff experiences


Increased productivity at lower cost


Improved quality of product

Operational costs:

Reduced R&D costs without a loss in quality


100% security compliance

Clinical trials services – high quality, greater speed and reduced cost

We offer a comprehensive set of services for clinical trials. We ensure that data is captured, managed and analyzed from a range of devices, including wearables on patients. This data is stored securely in the cloud. Through our trial master file services, the entire solution is regulatory compliant. All our services are protected by Atos’s robust cybersecurity.

Smart Clinical Trials

  • Cloud platforms
  • Advanced data management and analytics
  • IoT-enabled mobile app for clinicians, patients and sponsors
  • Integration with wearables and medical devices
  • 24×7 multilingual helpdesk
  • Integration with personal mobility services like ride hailing and ambulance services
  • Integration with customer enterprise systems
  • Support for video conferencing

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Kit Deployment

  • Unified end-to-end service
  • Fulfilment from procurement to delivery
  • Global delivery
  • Adherence to export control and compliance processes
  • Digital engagement platform for track and trace
  • Close collaboration with stakeholders and partners
  • Deployments according to dynamic clinical trial activation plans
  • Cost- and time-efficient deployment services

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Trial Master File (TMF)

  • Consistent inspection- and submission-ready TMFs
  • Improved quality, with 98% accuracy
  • More than 30% cost reduction through industry-best processes and automated workflows
  • Faster turnaround time with documents processed/finalized within 48 hours
  • Improved compliance through a dedicated global team, trained on standard operating procedures and work instructions


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Digital Security for Life Sciences

  • Cloud security with complete visibility
  • Prescriptive security, reducing risk and improving response times
  • Trusted digital identities with PKI solutions
  • Identity and access management with strong authentication for sensitive information
  • Digital signature, ensuring the integrity of signed documents
  • Connected medical device security

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Clinical Data Management

Next Generation Clinical Data Management (CDM) solution with productivity boosts of up to 40%.

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Atos smart clinical trials

An end-to-end platform supporting clinical research worldwide.

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Trial master file (TMF)

Processing using hyperautomation and digital content management.

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Atos’s eTMF Solution Demo

An automated eTMF management solution that leverages the latest technologies, in the areas of robotics process automation, and advanced content management as enterprise information management.

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