Sustainable manufacturing

Accelerate your transition to the sustainable economy

Net-zero services and solutions for manufacturing

Implement sustainable manufacturing to accelerate your journey to net-zero

Net-zero strategy:

Develop a comprehensive strategy including scopes 1-3 emissions

Emissions reduction:

Negate the carbon impact of your IT infrastructure and services

Design, make and use/reuse:

Digitalize and transform your processes to reduce carbon

Carbon offsetting:

Offset your residual emissions to accelerate net-zero

Digital manufacturing: The driving force behind the sustainable economy

To limit climate change, we must act now. Manufacturing’s 20% share of worldwide CO2 emissions means it has the most to lose (and to gain) from the transition to a net-zero economy.

This is a time for bold ideas. At Atos, we enable clients to reduce costs and increase quality and customer satisfaction, while creating a more sustainable future. We can help you achieve net-zero by:

  • Creating a comprehensive strategy to understand and reduce your CO2 emissions
  • Running net-zero factories
  • Designing low-carbon products
  • Building a sustainable supply chain and transitioning to the circular economy

Strategy and Offsetting

Begin your net-zero journey by mapping out a clear strategy with Atos experts.

  • Plan: Understand your impact and product footprint
  • Forecast: Evaluate risks and opportunities
  • Measure: Collect, analyze and monitor emissions data
  • Change: Use digital solutions to accelerate reductions
  • Contribute: Offset residual emissions with impactful projects
  • Green IT: Assess and optimize your technology landscape

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Design with a Purpose

Our experts can evolve your product design to ensure the entire function supports your sustainability strategy.

  • Rate and track suppliers to align procurement with sustainability goals
  • Leverage customer insights to personalize product designs
  • Streamline design with computer-aided engineering (CAE) and virtual prototyping
  • Simplify the supply chain
  • Design lightweight parts with additive manufacturing

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Make Low-Carbon Products

Atos reinvents manufacturing processes to reduce the carbon impact of production.

  • Reduce energy consumption with building, production and power management
  • Harness the potential of renewable energy sources for production
  • Identify waste with advanced AI and analytics
  • Reduce costs and emissions with advanced quality and vision control
  • Monitor and optimize energy, errors and waste with digital twins

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Use and Reuse, Share and Maintain

We can implement innovative new models to leverage the sharing and circular economy to grow your business.

  • Reduce consumption and optimize maintenance with intelligent field assets
  • Leverage platforms and ecosystems to design multi-sided marketplaces
  • Manage resources more effectively with smart waste management
  • Provide expert remote support to reduce maintenance team travel and service time

Client Story

Building a carbon-neutral digital factory

Innocent Drinks wanted to build a carbon-neutral factory (called “The Blender”) in Rotterdam to produce its popular smoothies and juices. Atos helped by creating an end-to-end technology solution for the facility. By integrating its manufacturing network, Innocent intends to reduce travel by around 25% and cut its overall carbon footprint by 10%.

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Client Story

Creating a healthier Earth with IoT, AI, analytics

The European Space Agency created a consortium to deliver actionable information on wildlife, climate and natural resources. Atos is leading the effort to combine real-time geographical data with external information. The outputs aid sustainability efforts in agriculture, forestry, urban planning, manufacturing, insurance and energy production.

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Additive Manufacturing – Will it save our Planet?
By Stefan Zimmermann

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2021 IT Challenge on Decarbonization

We have invited students around the world to help us find new ways that digital technologies can help move toward a more sustainable future in manufacturing and other industries.

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Beyond sustainability

By 2024, it will be clear that retaining conventional socioeconomic norms is incompatible with sustainability. Be ready to think beyond sustainability and lead the charge toward regenerative models.

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