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Accelerate the development and competitiveness of logistics operators

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Accelerating the development and competitiveness of logistics operators

Keeping track of your logistics operations has become more and more complex. Operating efficiency requires insightful data analytics that includes full visibility throughout your entire logistics operations system.

Atos has been transforming legacy logistics systems into modern, agile digital platforms for years. Our end-to-end solutions are hardware and software agnostic allowing for best-in-class technologies to meet your specific business needs.

Route Optimization

Route optimization provides real-time data analytics to support logistics operators in choosing the best route to transport goods. Special consideration is given to goods that are fragile, have a short product life or are hazardous. Weather, road regulation and other conditions are taken into account, avoiding the shipment of goods that later might not be sellable anymore and hence reduces cost and waste.

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In-Transport Visibility

Gain insight into the location and physical condition of goods using sensors and external factors for monitoring. Atos can help you take corrective actions to reduce broken goods and waste.

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Overgoods/Lost Packages Management

Atos can help you leverage digital to gain a 360-degree view of your goods:

  • Uses advanced inventory management systems
  • Improves shipping visibility
  • Helps to reduce cost
  • Prevents goods from being lost
  • Reduces customer complaints

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Vision Services for BOL Documents

Trusted services from Atos can help you eliminate manual processing for Bill of Lading (BOL):

  • Uses OCR extraction and validation
  • Reduces cost
  • Improves service and efficiency

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Client Stories

Modernizing a legacy billing system

The billing system of one of the world’s leading logistics companies was a complex mainframe environment. It was expensive, decentralized and difficult to scale. Atos Syntel migrated it to a centralized billing repository, ensuring future scalability, enabled robust analytics and reporting and provided agility and significant cost savings.


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Modern day logistics requires real time data for operational efficiency.

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