Power Generation

Accelerate plant construction with new digital tools

Greenfield Build Accelerator

Build new power plants and equipment for less time and money

Digital design efficiencies:

Faster error detection during design

Quality, safety and reliability:

More accurate and consistent data reaching digital control systems

50-year longevity:

Keep technologies current throughout plant lifetime

40% higher productivity:

Optimized supply chain and PLM processes

Increase data exchange to reduce time and cost

Building new plants and equipment is a complex logistical task, often in planning for 10 years or more. Atos accelerates greenfield planning and building through:

  • Better data exchange across the value chain
  • Tools for design and construction
  • Supply chain and spare parts management
  • Logistics optimization

For example, our Plant Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions enable engineering teams to track assets across their lifetimes, maximize efficiencies and boost workforce collaboration thanks to a better integration between application.

Let’s work together to make power generation safer and more efficient.

Digital Twin for Asset Design

This digital twin solution will improve the performance of the power plant: reduce waste and increase quality through:

  • Raw material tracking
  • Digital quality inspection
  • Simulating design vs. real life model
  • Approval processes without a physical model

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Control System Integration, Testing & Deployment

A fully computerized instrumentation and control system (I&C) is an integral and critical component of power plants:

  • Enables the operator of the control room to make the best decisions based on all the information from the plant.
  • Processes and analyzes large volumes of data from across the plant in real-time

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PLM Solution Design, Modernization & Migration

PLM solutions and services to help you:

  • Use data insights to streamline performance and innovation
  • Drive supply chain efficiency and sustainability
  • Optimize and future-proof your PLM for productivity gains of up to 40%

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Augmented Reality

AR is becoming the best digital companion for the workforce, helping deliver usable information and clear procedures to save time and boost efficiency. Use AR to:

  • Shape the digital workplace
  • Integrate best-practice use cases
  • Safely test equipment, aided by animated holograms throughout the procedure

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Integration of Asset Lifecycle Management

Strategic management of assets lets realize maximum value from the capital expenditures, enabling to:

  • Predict and prevent outages to avoid costly unplanned downtime
  • Schedule maintenance proactively and reduce maintenance service overheads
  • Extend asset lifetimes
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations
  • Reduce total cost of ownership while achieving desired service levels

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Enterprise Content Management

  • Gathers all design and build plans in a coherent and accurate manner
  • Ensures version control of plans
  • Ensures smooth operations and maintains and sustains the plant during its lifetime
  • Enables knowledge capture from workforce
  • Ensures data governance

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RPA – Automation and Robotics

Solve complex engineering problems with cognitive computing, robotics, AI and machine learning:

  • Introduce best practices, processes, standards, and templates for robot discovery, development, and operation at scale.

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Client Story

EDF adds machine learning and natural language processing to nuclear power plants

As part of its nuclear power plants lifespan expansion plan, EDF is improving its process quality and making the work of its employees easier and safer through machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technologies.


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