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At Atos, we use our proven, pre-configured and pre-integrated IoT solutions to quickly release value from your data.

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Our service delivery model is pragmatic and modular: from the discovery of new opportunities to implementation, we propose the IoT and analytics solutions and services that best suits your needs.

Connected Cooler

  • Highly customizable, vendor agnostic solution for the digital enablement of a cooler fleet
  • Monitoring cooler purity and planogram compliance
  • Minimize cooler misplacement through asset tracking
  • Ensure cooler health and enable predictive maintenance
  • Utilize proximity marketing
  • Monitor cooler images to optimize stock replenishment and on-shelf sales space.

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Smart Control Room

  • Gain full control over high-speed production processes and improve overall process efficiency leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms
  • Analyze alarm and event patterns to predict critical events ahead of time
  • Real-time detection and prediction of anomalies or defects to your product during production process
  • Quality prediction based on real-time quality parameters.

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Connected Vessels

Provide technical status of all vessels in fleet in order to:

  • Optimize overall fleet performance
  • Reduce fuel consumption and costs
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Improve engine efficiency
  • Anticipate vessel maintenance and reduce down-time by running remote vessel diagnostics
  • Optimize turnaround time

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Process Digital Twin for Pharma

  • Increase situation awareness and make better decisions in pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing processes
  • Bring new products to market faster by simulating essential subprocesses and conducting fewer physical experiments
  • Ensure better quality and process reliability
  • Reduce batch waste
  • Ensure higher yield through cost-optimized manufacturing processes with preventative maintenance

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Client Stories

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company

Through our Connected Cooler solution Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CCHBC) is now able to access huge amounts of point-of-sale data and engage with customers in real-time on mobile apps to generate customized offers and near-me promotions.

The end-to-end solution from Atos harnesses IoT, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence technologies.

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Client Stories

Global pharmaceutical company

For a large global pharmaceutical company we improved the production process of a vaccine, reducing production time and costly waste of raw materials.

We developed and implemented a Process Digital Twin, which enabled the company to significantly improve product quality, make cost savings and achieve faster time to market.

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