Transforming IT to meet tomorrow’s Olympic Games challenges

Extend your information systems beyond the traditional boundaries of your business premises in total security

In the light of recent technological developments, companies are finding themselves with more and more opportunities to develop their activities. The emergence of the world of the Web, the Cloud and many different ways to access information is enabling companies to implement business processes and activities that go way beyond the traditional boundaries of technical environments.

However they still need to be reassured about security, user-friendliness and traceability when it comes to accessing services, without seeing a huge increase in their administrative overhead. It is imperative for them to be able to delegate the administration of local users to middle managers or even directly to end users, by allowing them to submit their own requests. And validation processes are essential to ensure the merits of these requests. It is also important to be able to reuse current infrastructures, without having to modify existing elements such as the Web site.

This white paper describes the case of a retail company which implements centralized, shared and safely accessible services by its subsidiaries, its different establishments or shops without however creating administration overload.

Evidian, the Identity and Access Management (IAM) software suite, is part of Bull Atos Technologies. Bull is the Atos brand for its technology products and software.

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Transforming IT to meet tomorrow’s Olympic Games challenges – Case Study

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