Tips for keeping up with the changing work life

16 May, 2018

By Atos & the Finnish Olympic Committee,


Our everyday work constantly changes at a tremendous speed. Digitalization and new technologies enable our work to be done regardless of time and place. This change makes many good things possible, but the downside of it may be that we always need to be available. – Constantly online

Due to the transformation of work life, the freedom and responsibility of employees is growing simultaneously. Each and every one of us has to take care of their own well-being. Atos, the IT Partner of the Finnish Olympic Committee, is one of the companies that know the company’s result is a product of the performance of individuals. For this reason, every employee is offered the best possible conditions for personal success and well-being.


Experts from the Finnish Olympic Committee and Atos gathered 3 tips for keeping up with the transformation of work life:

1. Break down the holistic objective into smaller parts and set your metrics

The big, holistic objective should be divided into smaller parts that can be measured. Once you have set up your metrics, you will be able to review your activities and ask questions that help you develop and improve your performance. It is good to continuously mirror your activities to your metrics and ask yourself: ‘’Am I doing the right things when thinking about the objective?’’

2. Mind, Body, Soul – all in balance!

Just working out or eating healthy doesn’t achieve true wellbeing. For example, many people of working age tweak their sleeping habits without realizing that poor sleep quality endangers other basic elements of wellbeing, such as the right nutrition choices and exercise. All these elements are connected to each other and therefore it is important to keep track on the big picture. – You need to find a healthy balance.

3. The rhythm of life plays a big role

A fixed rhythm in life helps you achieve a balanced state where you have enough energy both during the workday and after. Consider whether you have a fixed rhythm in your daily life. If yes, continue doing what you are doing. If you know that such a rhythm does not exist, you should strive for it. Additionally, it is best to keep the same rhythm during both weekdays and weekends. The regularity suffers if your weekly rhythm differs from the one you have during weekends.