SharePoint Migration

Increase the efficiency of your existing Office 365 service

Your challenge

  • Already paying a fee for Office 365 licenses including SharePoint Online, Teams, OneDrive etc.
  • Paying for two sets of licenses (on-premise and Office 365)
  • Ending support from Microsoft for SharePoint 2010 and 2013
  • High customization on existing solutions
  • High maintenance and costs
  • Loads of unused sites and site collections

Do these challenges sound familiar to your business?

Keep scrolling to find out how Atos can help you solve them and make your business more efficient!

Make your business more efficient

To meet your requirement of higher standardization and/or codeless solutions, you can now efficiently utilize the services you are already paying for with Atos solution for a smooth SharePoint Migration.

Our solution eliminates costs of dual licensing and on-premise infrastructure costs, as well as reduces the amount of unused SharePoint sites and site collections.

The SharePoint migration means switching to the latest version of Office 365, for which you get full support from Microsoft, as well as constant updates, meaning you will always have the latest versions available.

Therefore, there will be no need to migrate your data again. There will also be no need to purchase new hard drive for storage space for additional Office 365 components.

Atos approach

1. Demand Assessment

  • Landscape analysis of Source Farm and configurations
  • Dependencies of Site Collection including site collection analyses
  • Defining the complexity of site collection
  • Validation of Target Farm and configurations
  • GAP Analysis: Identify the gaps between Source and Target

2. Migration Process

  • Defining migration concept and guidelines
  • Migration strategy: strategy preparation as per defined wave or cluster
  • Design: Data Structure, Meta data; User, Groups Access rules; Objects
  • Tool installation and additional accelerators and scripts
  • Define and confirm migration waves including pilot
  • Migration to pre-defined target environment
  • UAT: Acceptance of the migration by target users

3. Differentiators

  • Atos in-house accelerators and scripts
  • Atos automated processes
  • Atos automated reporting


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