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November 8, 2018

The Atos Digital Transformation Program is accelerating continuous transformation with a new way of working, providing significant benefits to all users. As part of the program, we now present the Mobile Digital Workplace which allows you to access the most relevant services from your mobile device anywhere, anytime.

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  • The Atos Digital Transformation Program was developed to achieve three strategic goals:
  • Drive company competitiveness
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Elevate client experience



To build an all-inclusive Digital Transformation Plan, we collected inputs and pain points from our employees, experts and strategic partners.

All project proposals were mapped across 12 “Petals”. Each petal belongs to one of the 4 strategic domains of our digital transformation.

As a first step, the following key, strategic initiatives were selected:

5 Quick-Wins: Projects that, due to their tactical nature and expected immediate impact, are set to start presenting results during H2 2018.

16 Strategic Projects: Critical projects set to be completed by the end of 2019.

TaMARA: A digital product that makes it easier for client managers and SDMs to connect project opportunities to available employees, improving the agility of our workforce management process.

The Digital Transformation Program enables accelerated and continuous transformations in new ways of working, collaborating and delivering to our clients, ultimately unlocking significant benefits and driving cultural changes for Atos. Be part of this journey with us!


Digital Transformation Program Poster

A quick overview of the 1+5+16 projects for wave 1 implementation

Digital Transformation Program Brochure

A synopsis of the digital transformation planning process and the outcomes from the EXCOM meeting in August 2018.

Learn more about the projects of Atos Digital Transformation
Program in our next communications.

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