Atos’ Agile Digital People Management Solution

Matching an ever-changing employee pool with a myriad of short- and long-term opportunities is more and more time consuming and complex.

Mobile App

For Atos resource managers and sales teams to download to digitalize and streamline this complex process


Matching Algorithm

Leveraging the data we have compiled, the platform is running algorithms to match requirements for open opportunities with the employee data we have compiled on those who have entered an internal Atos programs for career growth or transition to a new assignment.
Analytics and Correlation to Support End-to-End Employee Development
Processing the data faster and with enhanced accuracy by applying analytics on the inputs and results of the placement for the these new opportunities. Continuously improving the way we can assign resources to open opportunities.
Create Request Right Away

Easily create new requests for openings you need to have filled and the platform will perform it’s magic to run requests into results. Scan through the new matches and select the ones that fit your needs!