Intelligent Video

Enhanced consumer experience through personalized digital content

AI-ML and Analytics for media

Content is king but data is the key to success for media and entertainment companies. This has never been more evident than today, with consumers having unprecedented choice and the battle for attention fiercely competitive. Media companies are finding ways to understand both of their consumer behavior and their available content. This type of in-video analysis is sometimes referred to as In-video Intelligence/Intelligent video, looking beneath the high-level metadata description to see inside the essence.

Process automation combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has the power to create intelligent video, by automatically tagging, editing and highlighting content. With intelligent video, a step change in speed and efficiency can be achieved, from tagging through to for example segmenting magazine and news programs based on subject changes and publishing segments online or creating thumbnails based on content, additionally, making recommendation for consumers based on their historical preferences.

Atos and Synchronized, a start up joined our Scaler Program, are bringing innovative Smart Video technology to help maximize the value of contents for Over-the-top (OTT) platform and media broadcasters with Media Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This partnership combines Synchronized offerings around dynamic and interactive video and Atos’ expertise in working with broadcast and media organizations.

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Why choose Atos Intelligent Video Solution?

Workflow Automation

Optimize workflows with powerful automation

User experience

Consumer knowledge & retention, personalized consumption

Business growth

Growth throughout the value chain through targeted analytics


AI-based user profiling & content recommendation

  • Different use cases can be carried out, tested and immediately introduced in the app/platform.
  • The titles recommendations can be adapted to editorial choices to push specific titles or to mix editorial and profile based suggestions.

Analytic reports

  • All user actions are logged and can be analyzed through a business analytics engine with built-in and on demand reports, to analyze the users behavior.
  • Any report available to analyze user behaviors with advanced historical reporting, e.g. most viewed genres of contents.

Predictive analysis through AI/ML

  • A predictive analysis engine based on logistic regression is updated every night with fresh training sets.
  • Predictive analysis includes Clusters correlation analysis through machine learning algorithms.
  • Allows to predict popularity of a new content in a set of clusters predefined by editorial team and to verify and tune content metadata.
  • The system realizes also parquet export for big data analysis

Smart video platform

Synchronized, a partner in Atos Scaler Program, is helping broadcasters to transform linear video into Smart Video. A smart video includes a set of metadata, assets and encoded objects, once enriched, the video becomes as interactive as a hypertext document with full search capabilities, indexing, navigation and web functionality embedded in, accessible directly from the content.

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