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The pressure is on for cities to grow and develop. To compete, they need to ensure quality of life for their citizens, while becoming as efficient and modern as possible. This requires a new partnership between citizens, government and business – and new technology-driven services that ensure seamless, safe, productive and rewarding ways to live and work.

Customer transformation challenges

Whether working with a small town or with a large city , Atos focuses on the same fours critical areas that underpin all effective digital transformation

Operational excellence

Help cities to grow and develop while becoming as efficient and modern as possible.

Trust and compliance

Deliver immediate, safe and secure service improvements to improve citizens quality of life.

Business reinvention

Business reinvention

Help cities approach their challenges in a totally new way – reinvent current ways of working by leveraging the power of big data, cloud and multi-sided market models.

Citizen experience

Create new services that enable citizens to access services when and how they want – creating more rewarding experiences for citizens, reducing service costs and increasing internal operational excellence.

Eindhoven City Pulse

Using big data for real time incident response management

Capturing data from a range of existing sources including visitor numbers and sound levels this “on the ground” information is combined with data gathered from social media sources to create a powerful picture of the street and help authorities better forecast and react to situations and de-escalate them before they develop.

MyCity Madrid Summa 112

In an emergency, second counts and a minute can save a life. Our global emergency management solution supports the city of Madrid in delivering an emergency response network that saves live.

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