Accelerate your smart hospitals programs for a safer and sustainable future with the Atos-Siemens Alliance

In smart healthcare, hundreds of different systems and devices must work together – and this calls for integration. The strategic alliance between Atos and Siemens is the definitive partnership for intelligent infrastructure to enable a human-centric healing experience.

As two strongly complementary global leaders, levering joint industry expertise and joint technology research, we help hospitals to develop a blueprint and a clear roadmap for a benefits-driven approach that maximizes use of existing data and assets. We’ll be at your side, helping to accelerate and realize your vision of a smart hospital to enhance patient care, improve staff efficiency, reduce energy costs and mitigate risks such as infections, ransomware attack and power outages.

Key benefits of our trusted partnership with Siemens

Better patient experiences >

Better patient experiences

  • Maximize patient experience and satisfaction at every touchpoint
  • Real time location services. Siemens provides advanced IoT infrastructure to capture the location of equipment, staff and patients. This data is integrated by to into workflow system to optimize equipment utilization.

Process and financial efficiency >

Process and financial efficiency

  • Achieve cost savings, energy efficiency, waste reduction and higher staff productivity.
  • The cooperation of Atos and Siemens is crucial in providing hospitals highly integrated systems and help to identify a set of technologies that digitally advanced hospitals should consider implementing

Security and compliance >

Security and compliance

  • Ensure security and compliance of converged IT and OT and the resilience of your organization .Since Atos is #1in Europe and #3 wordwide for cybersecurity, and Siemens among the top 10 of global software publishers, together we can provide the holistic approach to cybersecurity that digital hospitals require.

Where Atos and Siemens solutions can help

Digital hospital services

Improving provider workflow and facility management to improve patient outcome

Cybersecurity in healthcare

Protecting highly sensitive data and securing employee access to applications

Digital Twin for Pharma

Optimizing operations and quality – bringing product to market faster

Customer Stories

Atos & Siemens introduce digital twin within the global pharmaceutical industry

Working together with the pharmaceutical industry to improve production with an innovative solution based on a digital replica of the production process.

Read the press release >

Customer Stories

Digital Twin to Accelerate Vaccine Production

This “Process Digital Twin” for pharma manufacturing – powered by IoT, AI and Advanced Analytics – is designed to provide improved efficiency and flexibility in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

Watch the video >

Customer Stories

Smart Pharma

By pairing virtual and physical representations of a process pharmaceutical manufacturers can analyze performance to enable optimization at low risk and cost.

Watch the video >

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