Emergency Response Madrid – Making the City Safer – Case Study

Global Emergency Management for rapid end effective response.

Emergency services receive many calls each day and lives depend on the speed and effectiveness of their response. Summa 112, the organization responsible for coordinating medical emergency services in the Madrid region, turned to Atos to integrate and improve its emergency management processes.

Atos Global Emergency Management (GEMMA), the solution for emergency management, helps first responders deliver on their commitment to protect citizens and keep society safe.

It coordinates the complex mix of resources and systems that make up emergency response networks and ensures they function as a single unified platform with standardized processes, optimized decision-making and unhindered information flows.

The Atos Global Emergency Management (GEMMA) solution enables SUMMA to integrate and coordinate its response to emergency calls. It provides an end-to-end solution that optimizes the use of resources, reduces response times and, most importantly, saves lives.

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Emergency Response Madrid – Making the City Safer – Case Study

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