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Director of New Media & Technology Futures for BBC Account at Atos and member of the Scientific Community

Paul Moore is the Director of New Media and Technology Futures for the BBC Account in Atos and previously was the head of Media in Research & Innovation, Atos and is based in London, UK. Paul has dual Canadian/Spanish citizenship and degrees in Economics from the University of Toronto and Computer Business Systems at Ryerson University. With over 25 years experience in IT Paul has worked in wide variety of areas, including public procurement, accounting, mobility, Smart Cities, analytics and media. Both in his current role with the BBC and previously in R&D, Paul has worked in such areas as video streaming, 3D, digital preservation, social media and video analytics and recommender systems. He has been collaborating as an external expert for the European Commission for nearly 10 years and has been a member of the Atos Scientific Community since 2011 where he leads the Media area.

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