About Francisco José Ruiz Jiménez

Technical Architect Manager and member of the Scientific Community

Francisco José Ruiz Jiménez is Technical Architect Manager at Atos Spain. He has a Computer Science Degree at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He is CTO of BPS Iberia and member of Atos Scientific Community since 2010. He began his professional career in a research project for ONCE (Spanish Blind People Organization) providing a way to improve computer management for people with lacks of vision. He joined Atos in 1998 developing his career mainly in Telecom market during 10 years, working for the main Telco clients (Orange, Vodafone, Telefónica, etc.). As Senior Architect he has worked providing technical solutions in BSS, from provisioning to billing systems. He joined Atos BPS Iberia organization in 2008, leading Technical Architecture Team, providing global solutions in different markets (Telco, Finance or Manufacturing). His expertise covers telecom knowledge, auditory, technical and enterprise architecture, and also research and innovation regarding new technologies.

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