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Group Vice President, Head of AI Technology & Services and member of the Scientific Community

Since July 2016, Dominique Grelet has been Atos Group Vice-President, heading up the Atos Codex proposition (Analytics, AI and IoT). In this role, he oversees the Atos Codex portfolio, ecosystem and business development and marketing for the group. From 2014 until 2016, Grelet was the CEO of blueKiwi, the leading European software vendor for enterprise social network and collaboration. Prior to blueKiwi, based in the USA, Europe and Asia, he held various senior leadership positions in sales, alliance, marketing & product management and IT management with services and infrastructure provider, Bull, from 2002 until 2014, and with software vendor Evidian from 1992 until 2002. Grelet holds a Master of Science from CentraleSupelec engineering school. He is a graduate in economy from La Sorbonne University and in theology from Institut Catholique de Paris.

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Articles posted by Dominique Grelet

The magic of AI: the next leap

Success with Artificial Intelligence (AI) will increasingly depend on the ability of organizations to integrate knowledge by blending different AI techniques. Although AI encompasses a range of technologies and capabilities, until now, much of its value within organizations has been generated from one category of AI called ‘supervized learning’. This can revolutionize speed and efficiency by automating a relatively…

How to make the most of the platform revolution

Ten years ago, Microsoft was the only one of the ten largest global enterprises (in terms of stock market capital) that could be defined as a platform – a digital framework that enables collaborators to connect with customers, partners, suppliers and objects to share data. Today, there are six organizations that can claim that title, including…