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HEAD OF BIG DATA AND HPC and member of the Scientific Community

With over 25 years’ experience in supercomputing, Crispin has worked through the evolution of High Performance Computing (HPC) from proprietary systems in hardware and software to open standards, open source and commodity technologies. He works with a wide range of scientific and technology organizations to help define, translate and realize their technical and simulation goals.

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Articles posted by Crispin Keable

The value of Exascale

Why life sciences must pay attention to exascale computing Exascale is a measure of computer speed, where exascale means the ability to do an exa-something every second or, in other words, 1018 somethings a second. Usually, the ‘somethings’ are ‘calculations’, so an exascale is a computer that can achieve 1018 calculations (a billion billion) every second. Power of supercomputing in life sciences As we…

Imagine a future with genomic data

Imagine a future where every child born has a genome read at birth. It may sound a little scary, but it would mean that as the child grows, their doctors will know which treatments are most effective for a given condition, whether the growing child is more at risk of particular diseases, how they tolerate certain drugs and what might happen…

The convergence of High Performance Computing and Big Data

In the decades since the invention of the computer, High Performance Computing (HPC) has contributed significantly to our quality of life – driving scientific innovation, enhancing engineering design and consumer goods manufacturing, as well as strengthening national and international security. This has been recognised and emphasised by both government and industry, with major ongoing investments in…