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Head of NG Cloud Lab, Atos Research and Innovation and member of the Scientific Community

Ana Juan Ferrer is Head of Lab of Next Generation Cloud Lab in Atos Research and Innovation, group which focuses its research on Cloud and Edge Computing technologies, distributed systems and service engineering. Currently, she is coordinating the mF2C project that investigates methods and tools to support resource orchestration across Fog and Cloud environments. Ana also participates in the Atos Scientific Community, working on Edge and Swarm Computing, aiming to identify and materialise opportunities for Atos in advanced cloud models such as Edge and Fog Computing and multi-cloud hybrid models. In addition, Ana is Atos Distinguished Expert on Cloud Domain, specifically targeting Edge Computing developments.

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Articles posted by Ana Juan Ferrer

What is edge computing?

Ana Juan Ferrer Head of NG Cloud Lab, Atos Research and Innovation and member of the Scientific CommunityDarren Ratcliffe Distinguished Expert & Cloud Domain leadPosted on: 10 July 2019 Edge computing locates computing and storage resources at the edge of the network, with the intention of getting data and analytics to the right place, at the right time. It decentralises data processing and avoids…

The Edge vs the Swarm

During the last decade Cloud computing has enabled the democratization of computing. Cloud computing has permitted high performant computing to be available not only in large supercomputer centers and to users who could afford to acquire expensive hardware for occasional use,  it has also allowed rich computing environments to be available to all kind of businesses on-demand and in pay-per-user models, providing…

Computing beyond Edge, Welcome Swarm

Predictions on the number of connected things worldwide forecast shocking figures for the coming years. Today, there is a widespread agreement that the issue will not only be a matter of managing these billions of connected things but, primary, how to handle and exploit all the data they generate. The immediate response to this challenge has been the emergence of Edge (or…