Parcel+Post Expo

12-14th October 2021

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Parcel+Post Expo is the leading global event for the world’s parcel delivery, e-commerce logistics and postal industries. Parcel+Post Expo 2021 will take place in-person and online as a hybrid event, to allow attendees to attend live in Vienna, or to watch elements of the event from the comfort of their office or home environment. Parcel+Post Expo Hybrid will stream live events via our virtual platform, allowing a connected and informed experience both online and in person.

Atos is a proud sponsor of Parcel+Post Expo 2021. Atos’ digital solutions & platforms can help you to increase efficiency in the postal operations with powerful automation tools for capturing, transmitting, and leveraging data. Atos leads the field in customs forms data capture in applying image processing, machine learning and complex algorithms to overcome the challenges inherent in reading parcel and package images. Available on high-speed sorting machines as wells as mobile devices at the counter, our ground-breaking solution obtains complete reliable data for transfer to the destination country, to the receiving country, and to the customs organization on either end of the journey.

Learn how Atos is helping postal companies to innovate and take the business in new directions.

Customs Capture can be deployed on high-speed sortingvmachines and on mobile devices at the counter. It’s available on-premise or you can take advantage of Atos’ Hosting and Infrastructure services.

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Millions of packages and parcels move across international borders every day — and everyone involved wants to know what’s being transferred and by whom. Do these parcels contain dangerous, illegal or prohibited goods? What risks are associated with the shipper? Can customs duties and taxes be properly assessed and collected? How can customs clearance be expedited?

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