Atos at NVIDIA GTC21

November 8-11th, 2021, Online event

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Atos ThinkAI: When High Performance Computing Meets AI Computes Demand for Industry-contextualized AI at Scale (Presented by Atos) – A31654

High Performance AI Computing is the next cornerstone in bringing AI at a next level of societal impact, by enhancing and supporting future AI models compute needs, such as Natural Language Processing models. Building an AI Supercomputer requires high level of expertise, a deep knowledge in design, manufacturing and delivering large scale systems. Atos, as a worldwide leader in High Performance AI Computing, will present its new ThinkAI solutions with existing references design and uses cases in many different industries area such as academic domain, weather forecast, manufacturing or healthcare.

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Our speakers

Sunil Mistry
Director of Artifical Intelligence
Sunil works at the forefront of technological advancement, within artificial intelligence. He’s implemented successful projects within health care, education, financial services, commercial, and aerospace & defense industries, as well startup environments across the UK and Europe. Sunil hosts conferences that provide training, insights, and direct access to experts on the hottest topics in industry. He also regularly speaks at industry events and on expert panels worldwide.
Cedric Bourrasset
Head of HPC-AI business development
After receiving a Ph.D. in electronics and computer vision in 2016 from the Blaise Pascal University in France defending the dataflow model of computation for field-programmable gate array high-level synthesis problem in embedded machine learning application, Cedric Bourrasset is now AI product manager in the Atos Big Data & Security division, in charge of the Atos Codex AI Suite software solution.

Discover the First End-to-end AI-enabled Video Analytics Platform on the Market (Presented by Atos) – A31635

Learn how to easily implement computer vision in your business, thanks to a unique end-to-end video analytics platform providing pre-trained and customizable AI models powered by BullSequana server range and enriched by Atos computer vision experts through worldwide expert labs. We’ll briefly present the rise of computer vision technology, present the components of the platform and its AI capabilities, and discuss the industries and use cases covered. Atos Computer Vision Platform relies on NVIDIA GPUs to run AI models.

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Our speakers

Boghos Boghossian
Co-founder, CTO, Sales Director for EMEA and NALA, Ipsotek, an Atos company
Boghos Boghossian is an acknowledged expert in systems/architectures for image processing and trimedia language who has published numerous research papers. Boghos received a Ph.D. in 2001 for work on human behavior analysis for video surveillance systems at King’s College, University of London.
Gert Prieber
Global Head of Product, Edge & AI, Atos
Gert has been working in various roles in the IT industry for well over two decades. He has an engineering background and has gathered experience in software development, support, consulting, product management, and marketing. At Atos Big Data and Security, Gert is currently the global product manager for their edge computing offering, and is also responsible for defining the product strategy for edge, AI, and big data solutions.
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