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Entering the new digital era

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Headquarters: Lausanne, Switzerland
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“Atos, our Worldwide IT Partner, has contributed to the Olympic Movement for over 20 years. Through their leading technologies and services, their people and their operations, Atos provided a crucial role in securing the delivery of the Olympic Games Rio 2016. Atos is our trusted partner in securing the IT infrastructure and supporting us to deliver outstanding Olympic Games.”

Thomas Bach,
IOC President

The Olympic Games is the biggest event on earth. It is like organizing 37 Football world cups at the same time


Atos has been a key IT provider since 1992 and became the worldwide IT partner of the Games since 2001.

We work in a complex environment alongside with a long list of partners –on the technological part being TOP partners or local partners of the Organizing Committee (OCOG).

Our goal is for everyone to work together and successfully organize the Olympic Games and enter in the new digital era.

The challenge


As an international organization, with highly mobile employees, and a large number of different worldwide stakeholders (from International sport organizations to TOP Partners and broadcasters) located around the world, the IOC is facing a critical challenge in fostering collaboration and improving communications in a secure way. The diverse groups of users within and outside the IOC need to be engaged effectively to achieve their digital upgrade and embrace the digital transformation new technology.

The solution


Atos as the Worldwide IT provider of the Olympic Games delivers two families of applications:

  • Olympic Management System (OMS) – to organize the Games – Accreditations, Sport Entries & Qualifications, Volunteer portal and Workforce management
  • Olympic Diffusion System (ODS) – to allow the Games to be broadcasted all around the world and use the data – Commentator Information System, Olympic Video Player, Myinfo.

For the first time all these applications where hosted in the Atos Canopy Hybrid Cloud – moving from a build once, use once model to a build once, use many times model.

Business benefit


  • 30% reduction of cost
  • More agile – build once, use many times
  • Reduce carbon foot print.

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What we deliver

The world is changing rapidly. The Olympic Games, alike our societies evolved and will continue to evaluate. Driven by the maturity of mobile technology, we expect these will be the first Olympic Games experienced live by the majority of its global viewers online.

Our experts

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Strategy and Innovation Director, Sports & Major Events

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Fabrice Doreau

Head of Strategy Sports & Entertainment, Atos

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