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Winning in the ‘new normals’ with an integrated phigital fan experience

The recent health crisis has accelerated digital transformation in sports. Organizations of all types are making deep and long-lasting changes as they adapt for the ‘new normals,’ finding new ways to keep users engaged yet safe and reinventing stadium services to comply with social distancing. Agility and flexibility remain essential.

Events will become more digital and contactless than ever. Medical certificates could become a routine part of the accreditation process in liaison with local and national public health authorities. And customers and fans may put a higher value on corporate social responsibility.

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“COVID-19 has impacted sports ability to bring people together. With the right phigital strategies, blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds, the sports’ industry can emerge from the crisis stronger and more popular than ever. Technology and data can bring the positive emotion of sports to the fans, no matter where they are.”

Patrick Adiba

CEO Olympics & Major Events – Head of Sales Public & Defense, Atos

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