Technology Consulting

We support you in finding the best technology solution for your business

In our history of nearly 50 years we have managed many transformations – for our own company and for our customers.

No matter whether these projects have been about realigning IT and communication technologies to the current business, gaining a new perspective by carving out business fields and organizations or finding new innovative software solutions: we have done it all – and with great success.

We have learnt that we are successful only if our customers and their clients are successful as well.

IT Consulting

Our services are the glue that sticks together up-to-date infrastructure, transformation projects and reliable operation designed to make your IT visions come true.
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Here are some project experiences we want to share with you:

Cost efficiency and effectiveness

Thanks to an efficient split of on-site and remote support you can save you up to 40% of development costs with our outtasking offering.

Global experience

International transformation projects need project leaders with special experience in steering people with different mentalities and an objective drive for results.

Increased efficiency

It is efficient to set productivity improvement targets to your internal maintenance employees it might be more effective to put them into an external maintenance contract.


Team members passionate about what they do and delivering high-quality work.

Flexible business models offering a competitive cost/quality ratio.

Going beyond customer satisfaction to get customers to succeed in their own businesses.

Long-term relationships and continuous improvement are at the core of our value proposition.

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