siriOSS® iNMs for Oil & Gas

Ensuring smooth operations and optimizing asset performance

There is probably no industry in the world where smooth and reliable performance is as important as in the oil and gas industry. A large part of the economy is directly dependent on it, and if delivery contracts are not fulfilled, contract penalties for oil and gas companies are severe. In case of an oil and gas-related accident, the human, economic and ecological repercussions may soon turn out to be catastrophic.

Atos siriOSS® iNMs for Oil & Gas is the computerized solution for oil and gas facilities that complements the various SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems by monitoring assets and services in order to keep them operating safely and economically throughout their entire lifecycle.

The challenge


In the oil and gas industry failure is not an option and a state-of-the-art TMS (Telecommunication Management System), featuring network and fault management, is needed to ensure flawless operations.

The solution


Atos siriOSS® iNMs for Oil & Gas manages and maintains all kinds of telecommunication and IT-related assets, like servers, switches, base stations or transceivers as well as the required cabling.

It is an umbrella management solution (multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-domain), joining and correlating information from all kinds of electronic sources, including complementing SCADA systems. It is highly scalable and can monitor thousands of elements simultaneously.


Network Repository & Monitoring

siriOSS® iNMs stores all the network information relevant to TMS and provides a uniform view of the network.The system monitors the network by receiving alarms or by proactively checking the state of network components via its various network interfaces, provides alarm tables for each of the monitored components and processes performance data.

Root Cause Analysis & Reactions

To prevent faults the system analyzes trends and proactively increases the service quality of the network and its connected physical and virtual applications. If a problem occurs, it detects faults through filtering, correlation and root cause analysis. Reactions are initiated automatically and trouble tickets are generated.

High usability

All relevant information is displayed in an easy-to-understand format on flexible and customizable dashboards, which feature different visualization options. Operators can select individualized monitoring profiles. Alarm data are evaluated and graphically represented as tables or HTML files, using bar charts or pie charts.

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