Advanced lawful interception and data retention

Modern communication brings people and businesses closer together throughout the world and is one of the most important features of the information society of the 21st century. Unfortunately, there are threats, like terrorists or organized criminals, who abuse communications for their own dangerous and detrimental purposes.


Atos helps communication operators to meet today’s public security challenges efficiently and reliably. Atos LIOS ONE is a well-proven, customizable and easy-to-use lawful interception and data retention solution for multi-vendor networks that strictly conforms to international security standards.

Over 70 successful deployments on five continents prove that Atos LIOS ONE can be easily and economically adapted to country-specific laws.

The challenge


Whether you are a provider of communication services or an operator of communication networks, in almost every country around the world you are legally obligated to fight abuse of telecommunication networks by providing lawful interception and data retention services to law enforcement agencies.

The solution


LIOS ONE product portfolio for lawful interception and data retention operates within all types of communication networks, such as voice and IP networks. Thanks to its open, standardized interfaces, LIOS ONE easily integrates with any network element, independent of manufacturers. To ensure flawless operations from the get-go, Atos offers LIOS ONE as a turnkey solution, from planning and installation all the way through to maintenance. Our highly-experienced team guarantees that you get a solution that delivers what it promises.

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Easy customization to fit your needs

LIOS ONE will be adapted to fit the legal requirements of the country in which you operate, guaranteeing that you always are in full compliance with local laws. Built on a modular architecture and using standardized components, LIOS ONE is extremely scalable.

Easy intuitive operations

LIOS ONE manages all lawful interception and data retention services on network level and then visualizes all user-relevant information on an intuitive GUI. It separates lawful interception and data retention tasks from other operations and guarantees flawless network performance at all times.

Security features strictly conform to ETSI requirements

LIOS ONE provides powerful security features to protect your subscribers’ communication and corresponding connection data from misappropriation.


Reliable turnkey solution for the complete LI management of fixed and mobile networks.


Turnkey solution for network operators to manage the complete LI administration of Next Generation Networks, including various network technologies and different types of network elements.


Turnkey solution to manage the complete LI administration for internet service providers.


State-of-the-art turnkey solution that manages the complete data retention process, from acquiring data from different sources in the communication service provider’s network to encrypted and protected data storage.

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