lifeXtender® Services

Cost-effective lifetime extension with maintenance and care services

Smooth operation of telecommunication resources is vital for telecom operators. Expiring lifetimes of existing equipment represent a challenge for the continued operation of networks.

When vendors of telecommunication equipment declare the end of life of hardware and software components, operators are in a quandary. They can invest in new technologies, reduce their service offering by switching off the parts concerned or negotiate special agreements for keeping up the support. All these options have one thing in common:

They cost the company a lot – either in terms of money or customer satisfaction.

Atos’ lifeXtender® services offer an alternative solution


lifeXtender® services provide reliable support beyond product lifecycles.
They allow CSPs (Communication Service Providers) to maintain legacy systems as long as desired. A broad range of service options ensure the excellent performance of your network at all times. This includes trouble resolution, emergency services as well as support of hardware-related issues like spare part handling.

The Global Service Desk with its 24×7 support is the central point of contact whenever a problem arises.

The Global Service Center and its experts are responsible for trouble resolution and answering technical queries.

Our emergency manager is the primary point of contact for the customer for service-related escalation or emergency issues.

Additional services offered by Atos GmbH

If desired, our local field service can support all onsite activities. Level 1 can be organized by the customers themselves or, on request, Atos can arrange the support with reliable HW partners.

Our optimization services help you to reduce operating costs and increase service quality through constant network optimization.

Our remote network monitoring service supports your NOC (Network Operation Center) in off-peak times.

We support you in all hardware-relevant issues with the help of our various reliable partners.


Focusing on customer satisfaction.

Going beyond customer satisfaction to get customers to succeed in their own businesses.

Passionate teams delivering high-quality work.

Flexible business models offering a competitive cost/quality ratio.

Long-term relationship and continuous improvement are at the core of our value proposition.

Long-term know-how in the development of telecommunication equipment gives us deep insights into the real cause of a failure.

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