Western Power

Connecting people with electricity

Industry: Utilities
Region: Australia

Atos operates a Document Management Platform and ensures an information compliant network in Western Australia.


Western Power is a Western Australian State Government-owned corporation with the purpose of connecting people with electricity in a way that is safe, reliable and affordable. They build, maintain and operate the electricity network in the south-west corner of Western Australia. Atos has been chosen for its expertise to set up, configure and operate their document management platform, OpenText.

The challenge


The utility corporation needed expertise in operating a document management platform that will capture contracts and documents used for management, as well as support the information management and compliance section. In order to ensure a safe, reliable and affordable connexion between people of Western Australia and electricity, Western Power has chosen Atos to ensure its information compliance through the document management system platform, OpenText.

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The solution


Atos provides a document management solution through software called Open Text, specialized in consulting, systems integration, application management and managed operation services. Atos delivers a fit for purpose solution, on time and to budget. The solution enables Western Power to improve their document management user experience, to provide key document management functionality on a stable and supported system as well as to minimize disruptions to end-users during the cutover period. Western Power is now operating with a system that satisfies regulatory and audit requirements. Atos also provides an insight for future enhancements to Western Power’s information management capability, including workflow and collaboration. To ensure a good experience, Atos’ experts are delivering in house and on-going support to Western Power.

Business benefit


Atos is offering an enterprise content management solution that meets client expectations and beyond. The benefits for Western Power are multiple: in-house expertise, compliance with the Government record-keeping legislation, improvement of the aspects of record-keeping management and the administration of control documents, user experience including satisfaction and improved, enhanced efficiency. As of March 2020, Atos achieved a 98% in relation to incident responses and request fulfilment which is well above the requisite Service Levels required. This has enabled Western Power’s customers’ satisfaction to reach 91%.

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