The National Center for Genomic Analysis (CNAG)

Sequencing and Supercomputers

“We’re certainly handling big data, but what we’re really after is big information: the ability to identify the valuable insight from the sequences in front of us. To do this well, we need good data, good analytics and good tools. We quality control these elements carefully.”

Ivo Gut
Director, CNAG

CNAG conducts large-scale DNA sequencing and analysis, ensuring Spain’s competitiveness in the strategic field of genomics

Spain’s National Center of Genomic Analysis (CNAG) is involved in largescale sequencing projects in areas as diverse as cancer genetics, rare diseases, host-pathogen interactions, preservation of endangered species, and the improvement of agriculturally useful species. Its mission is to deliver research and results that help make citizens’ lives better.

CNAG has worked with Intel and Atos to build its latest analytics platform, which helps drive new insights faster, with wide-ranging applications.

The challenge

CNAG sequences over 800 gigabases every day, conducting quick, accurate analysis to process large volumes of data as efficiently as possible.

Identifying the small number of variations that drive breakthrough insights can be time-consuming and complex. Once found, these variations in the genome bases can be used to identify certain characteristics of an organism which can then be applied in developing new medications, clinical practices or growing more disease-resistant crops.

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The solution

Atos Big Data & Security service line developed a tailor-made compute cluster, powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor family, to conduct in-depth high-performance data analytics (HPDA) on genome sequences.

The solution was deployed under Atos HPC, AI and Quantum Center of Excellence in Life Sciences, the realization of Atos global strategy to bring advance computing technologies closer to life sciences projects with the goal of discovering innovative solutions.

Business benefit

The results:

  • CNAG plans to offer more in-depth and comprehensive genomic analyses to healthcare organizations to improve treatments.
  • The new platform maintains CNAG’s position as a leading genomic research facility, enabling it to achieve higher output while driving cost savings
  • The Atos Center of Excellence in Life Sciences experts work hand in hand with CNAG to ensure its leadership in the genomics field.

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