Webinar: Leap your life sciences project to the “quantum” level

Leap your life sciences project

High-throughput technologies paired with imaging techniques are producing an unprecedent understanding of the molecular and cellular processes that govern life. As a result, basic and applied research – two complementary yet traditionally parallel areas of knowledge – are closer than ever. Nevertheless, there is still a gap between research breakthroughs and their applicability in the life science industry. Quantum is an exciting new compute paradigm able to fill that gap because it enables testing hypotheses that are currently unimaginable. However, the many different applications of Quantum remain yet unexplored.

In this webinar, two Atos Quantum experts, Sabine Kéravel and Xavier Geoffet will walk you through some of the most obvious life sciences quantum use cases and will inspire you to think of other relevant applications. They will also illustrate the importance of a solid strategy to get ready for the quantum revolution.

You will learn:

  • Fundamentals of Quantum Computing
  • Some of the applications of Quantum in Life Sciences
  • Atos Quantum Program

Duration: 45 min

Watch the webinar replay

Featured Presenters

Sabine Keravel – HPC & Quantum Solution Manager

Sabine Keravel is currently in charge for the Product Management of the Atos Quantum Learning Machine (QLM). In this role, she collaborates with the Atos Quantum R&D team and Atos’ worldwide sales and presales community to continuously improve and promote the world-class quantum simulator. Sabine started working for Atos in 2017, launching a new Marketing Intelligence cell for the Mission-Critical Systems division. She has both a Business & Administration and a Computer Science background.

Xavier Geoffret – HPC & Quantum Distinguished Expert

Xavier Geoffret has been working in the HPC and storage business for the last 20 years. He joined Atos 12 years ago where he has held various customer-facing positions, as consultant, architect and bid manager for large and complex HPC and storage projects.

Xavier is now responsible for pre-sales activities regarding quantum projects worldwide.

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