State Government

Transforming the public health system through Cloud

Industry: Healthcare
Region: Asia-Pacific

A State Government has chosen Atos for a major digital transformation including Cloud migration.

Atos has been supporting a State Government public health system by transitioning and digitizing their ICT systems on Cloud platforms. The solutions and services provided by Atos enable the public health system to gain governance over cloud consumption, cybersecurity and compliancy.

The challenge

The State public health system is focused on ensuring that every citizen receives a health care standard that is among the highest in the world. It is the largest area in the world covered by a single health authority. The public health system needed to build a new cloud environment that would help them to deliver a safe, high quality and sustainable health system for all residents. Atos has been chosen to rebuild and standardize their ICT systems with a global solution, the Atos Cloud Platform.

The solution

Atos has transitioned and transformed the public health system Support Services ‘s workloads and infrastructure from two existing data centres on campus to Atos digital private cloud and several platforms in 2 Tier-3 data centres. Atos transitioned the legacy infrastructure from the incumbent provider to Atos Cloud platforms. The digital transformation solution provides the public health system with new agility that enhances operational processes and reduces cost while improving the patient experience in public health system. Atos has provided Private Cloud, Managed Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud Orchestration, co-location and managed services for 15,000 servers, over 1,000 applications, and a fully managed Oracle Cloud platform. The new standardized solution provided by Atos enables the public health system to focus on the health needs of their community.

Business benefit

These solutions and services enable the State Government to gain governance over cloud consumption, cybersecurity and compliancy. Thanks to the transition to a global infrastructure operated by Atos, the public health system won the ability to provide services with a minimum amount of process overhead in terms of time and cost: the implementation of the Cloud platform leverages new technology and innovation without undertaking large-scale upgrades to legacy infrastructure platforms. The public health system has also been able to adopt a “pay-as-you-go” framework which avoids capital expenditure models. Atos has enabled the future transformation of their applications to modern architectural frameworks that support greater levels of availability, reliability, capacity, performance and scalability.

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