At the cutting edge of digital transformation

Industry: Consumer Goods
Region: Internationally
Headquarters: Paris, France
Company size: 23,506 employees

“Atos and Dell EMC have been real partners. We’ve worked hand in hand with them to achieve this joint success.”

Cédric Lapaille,
Chief Technical Officer, Sephora

Accelerating digital transformation with new-generation private cloud


As a digital pioneer, Sephora is at the cutting edge of digital transformation. In partnership with Atos and Dell EMC, the company has established state-of-the-art digital foundations to deliver its strategic ambitions and support international expansion. Key to Sephora’s business is the New Sephora Experience, which offers customers a unique, seamless, rich, personalized omni-channel service. This is all made possible thanks to the resilience, flexibility and performance of Sephora’s innovative private cloud, established and sustained with the help of Atos and Dell EMC.

The challenge


Always on a quest for innovation to better satisfy its customers, Sephora started using private clouds in 2014 with a platform called Spray, implemented and operated by Atos. Sephora recognized that offering its customers a responsive omni-channel experience depends on resilience and high availability of technology. While Spray was highly agile, there were soon extra demands from the explosion in data volumes and requirements for real-time data-processing and new applications.

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The solution


Sephora, Atos and Dell EMC built a strong partnership to design, deliver and optimize Spray 2 – an innovative cloud solution that delinks storage and computing, delivering a step change in performance, scalability and resilience. This included controlled migration to a ‘virtual data center’ providing maximum availability through two parallel data centers. Close collaboration ensured rigor and speed, achieving migration two weeks ahead of schedule during the vital Christmas retail period.

Business benefit


From the outset, results were on schedule. From December, at peak, the platform delivered excellent service and significant performance gains (+ 30% in SAP environments).

Very high resilience objectives were achieved with almost zero data loss and restart within four hours for critical applications with critical levels 1 and 2.

With a view to moving to hybrid cloud, Sephora now has trusted foundations to deliver its digital and business strategies.

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