Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – Provide public cloud solution

Industry: Public Administrations & Central Governments

Country: Brazil

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Atos convinced SEBRAE with its comprehensive expertise and professional offer. The Google Cloud Platform Infrastructure as a Service (GCP IaaS) offering provides SEBRAE with an easy-to-use way to leverage Google’s public cloud infrastructure and manage the workloads within it.

The challenge

The world is moving to an era of Artificial Intelligence driven computing and workload management. Data and application driven organizations need a cloud service that is capable of Capturing, processing and analyzing data in a single platform providing actionable insights.

With the complexity explosion brought by hyper-scale cloud services and the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) will be required to drive everything from automation and orchestration of business and technology processes to managing and analyzing the data produced by billions of connected devices.

To take advantage of the full power of AI the customer needs a cloud provider that is built on a foundation of powerful data analytics expertise and machine learning tools whilst at the same time providing a robust, secure and cost-effective infrastructure platform.

The solution

Atos migrates customer applications and data to the public cloud.

Atos offered the best price, with a great Cloud Platform (Google). Atos also gaves the customer (SEBRAE), by our experience and quality credentials all over the world, that the services would be provided by a high-quality team of experts allied with a very mature and stable company.

Atos Brazil has strengthened its partnership with Google and its participation on the Brazilian Public Sector by adding SEBRAE as a new customer, offering cloud solutions.

Business benefit

The Google Cloud Platform Infrastructure as a Service (GCP IaaS) offering provides customers an easy to use way of consuming Google public cloud infrastructure and managing the workloads contained within.

The services will be provided by Cloud Credits on Google Platform, will be very easy to be managed and billed especially because we added in our offer a CMP (Cloud Management Platform). By moving their applications, workloads, and data from the in-house data center to the Public Cloud the SEBRAE will reduce the financial costs and will have the chance to explore technology that they don’t have any solutions to today such as big data, API management, and container orchestration.

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