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A large enterprise has been working with Atos for traditional telephone management services across its offices in several countries.


When this traditional infrastructure needed to be updated, Atos created a platform to connect Skype, on Office 365 in the cloud, to the company’s existing publicly switched telephone network core.

The unified communications have helped the company improve team productivity, while minimizing disruption and maximizing savings. 60,000 users in the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions will be migrated in 2019 based on the success of the initial phase.

The challenge


Keeping pace with rapid technological evolution means updating to software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive and predictive.

One of the largest global enterprises, with over 300,000 employees in numerous industries worldwide, realized that improving team collaboration would lead to a more unified and effective workplace. If new unified communications technologies could improve their collaborative capabilities, there was no better business case.

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The solution


Atos created a new platform allowing the connection of Skype, running on Office 365 in the cloud, to the company’s existing PSTN core. It enabled the delivery of traditional external phone calls to Skype. Multiple telephony technologies, combined with Microsoft Cloud Connector Edition servers, were used to create an effective collaboration solution. This workplace transformation is a part of the Atos Digital Workplace solution. Components of the migration included:

  • Digital Workplace Intelligent Collaboration services for the Office 365 Skype collaboration solution via cloud interconnect to the traditional voice estate with PSTN breakout.
  • Digital Workplace Help and Interaction Services providing second- and third-level support to over 80,000 users of Office 365 Skype collaboration in 42 countries.
  • Digital Workplace transformation services to migrate the users from their traditional voice estate into the new collaboration solution.

Business benefit


After five years on this platform, the company is happy with its unified communications delivered by Atos. The cloud-based Intelligent Collaboration OpEx solution improved team productivity within the business and beyond. The rapid migration of 11,000 users enhanced collaboration while minimizing disruption and maximizing call savings. The company plans to migrate another 60,000 users in the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions over two months in 2019, based on the success of the initial phase.


  • Enhanced collaboration.
  • Maximized call savings.
  • Minimized disruption.

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