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Transforming the quality and efficiency of end-user support

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Recognizing that its employees needed to work in a smarter, more mobile way, the bank wanted to implement a modern, efficient Digital Workplace.


At the same time, with multiple suppliers, the bank needed to rationalize support services through one strategic partner. The bank chose Atos on the basis of an existing strong long-term relationship between the two organizations, together with Atos’ market-leading digital workplace rankings and credentials. Atos’ has delivered a future-proofed, innovative and connected workplace, enabling the bank to transform the experience of its workforce while optimizing efficiency and boosting productivity.

The challenge


  • Improve the speed and efficiency of end-user support services
  • Meet uses’ rising expectations for fast, always-on, convenient online services
  • Implement a best-in-class toolset, leveraging automation
  • Boost productivity, for example by increasing activity volumes and the numbers of user requests resolved
  • Implement a new technology and governance model, including a new standardized organization, toolset and services.
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The solution


Atos’ Digital Workplace is a suite of secure intelligent tools and support services, embedding analytics and automation to optimize efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness – including:

  • Atos’ Technology Framework, providing standardized tooling, including market-leading ServiceNow
  • Transformed processes and vendor consolidation using global best practice
  • New service dashboards for IT and business managers
  • Ongoing measurement of user satisfaction and incident resolution.

Business benefit


  • Transformed support services for over 33,800 users with 49 profiles, 50,000 devices and 22,600 virtual users
  • More self-help user capabilities, with new channels for users
  • More automated service requests to accelerate service speed and efficiency
  • Higher operational efficiency (efficiencies of 25% along the services)
  • Fewer incidents
  • Better, faster, easier user experiences
  • Continuous improvement, with higher transparency, quality and level of reporting.
  • Improved customer satisfaction

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