JSC Georgian State Electrosystem

Carrier-grade reliability, high availability and enhanced customer service capabilities to meet any communication challenges

Industry: Utilities
Region: Georgia
HQ: Georgia

Modernization of the communication system


JSC Georgian State Electrosystem chose InfoTel to supply and implement next-generation telecommunication solutions – a modern, fail-safe unified communications platform Atos Unify OpenScape Voice and Atos Unify OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise.

The challenge


The Georgian State Electric Power System has set the challenge to modernize the communication system which would allow:

  • Implementing a complex solution for unified communications, with high availability and unified architecture for the system.
  • Reducing possible downtime risks and increasing reliability.
  • Reducing communication costs and maintenance expenses.
  • Providing a single control center for the existing Atos Unify OpenScape 4000 communication system and new platform.
  • Creating a modern contact center to ensure smooth operation of the control center with automatic call distribution functions (ACD), support for operator availability status (Ready/Not Ready/Wrap Up), ability to create an automated interactive voice response (IVR), and support for API, Rest API, XMPP, CTI protocols for integration. The solution must be also scalable, flexible, easier and more cost effective to manage.
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The solution


Of all the competing offers and proposals, the most functional and optimal price performance was the solution from InfoTel. It was a software solution based on Atos Unify OpenScape Voice carrier-grade voice platform and Atos Unify OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise.

  • Atos Unify OpenScape Voice platform and Atos Unify OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise are implemented in the Customer’s IT infrastructure virtual environment.
  • The existing Atos Unify OpenScape 4000 System is used as a gateway and is integrated with the new Atos Unify OpenScape Voice platform through the SIP-Q interface, which ensures the communication of payloads on the connections between them.
  • The Atos Unify OpenScape Branch 500i gateway used for making any calls to the traditional TDM-based PSTN network.
  • Atos Unify OpenScape Mobile application for mobile clients, providing presence status, single number service, built-in HD video, preferred device and chat.

Business benefit


  • A fully fault-tolerant Atos Unify OpenScape Voice configuration based on a geo-separated duplex solution. The essence of the solution is a geographically dispersed redundancy across different sites. Server nodes are designed in such a way that in case of one node’s failure, the other node can support 100% of the telephone traffic. This results in high availability and reliability of 99.999% of telephony services (i.e. less than 5.1 minutes of downtime per year.)
  • The Atos Unify OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise using a skills-based routing system to search for the right agent skills and provide an automated overview of client information. Intuitive administrative tools and a working interface of the Atos Unify OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise operator increase the efficiency and productivity of the contact center. Unique collaboration tools and presence status data allow contact center operators to resolve a large proportion of customer questions during initial contact.

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