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Industry: Financial Services
Region: USA

Investment and financial services firm transforms its customer service and end-user support processes with Atos’ Digital Workplace.


A large investment and financial services firm was looking to reduce the costs of customer and end-user support while delivering a streamlined, interactive service experience. To accomplish this, the company wanted to migrate from its traditional legacy systems to an agile, next-generation technology environment, with minimal business disruption.

The challenge


  • Heightened customer expectations due to the proliferation of online and mobile platforms
  • The need for integrated channels with consistent, personalized service
  • Remote and mobile workforces changing the way business is conducted
  • Tightened regulations regarding data security and auditability
  • Emergence of non-traditional competitors not burdened by legacy environments
  • High-speed, high-volume trading putting increased pressure on technology infrastructures and work processes.
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The solution


  • An updated platform based on the Atos Digital Workplace, a suite of collaborative, secure, intelligent work tools delivered as services
  • This platform provides intelligent support embedded with security, automation and analytics.
  • Service desk services that acts as a clearing house for all incidents, either resolving them immediately or prioritizing and routing them to the proper agents
  • Business analytics tools provide valuable insights into the journeys that users take when interacting with the firm’s digital channels
  • Digital Workplace platform contains automated, standardized identity and access management features that help ensure compliance with data security and antifraud regulations.

Business benefit


  • As a result of the workplace modernization efforts, customer service satisfaction rates are now at 9 out of 10
  • The increased automation and integration are projected to save 20% to 30% on operational costs of serving the customer
  • The firm is in a good position to deliver on its goal of 10% return on equity to its shareholders
  • OpenScape speeds trade execution by bringing together multiline voice, instant message, video and other sources. It handles high volumes of calls from on and off the floor simultaneously and connects the entire trading environment with a flexible and fully virtualized back office.

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