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“For 25 years, the IOC and Atos have been on a journey together, bringing the Olympic Games to the digital age and seeing many technological advances and innovations. Atos has been our trusted guide in a period of great digital transformation, helping us in bringing the Olympic values to people across the globe.”

Thomas Bach,
IOC President

The IOC, like the Olympic Games themselves, is a high-profile target for cyber criminals, hacktivists and terrorists.


External cyber threats keep intensifying and any security breach could have serious implications. What’s more, given the IOC’s own digital transformation journey, greater connectivity and more data inevitably create added potential vulnerabilities. That’s why the IOC engaged Atos, with Atos’ flawless cyber security track record at every Olympic Games since 2002. Based on a rigorous risk assessment, Atos devised and implemented a suite of integrated and pre-emptive cyber security services and solutions that have protected the IOC from any kind of attack.

The challenge


As a global leader, the IOC has to share sensitive data and collaborate with organizations worldwide. Many IOC employees are highly mobile and travel to high-risk countries, creating extra cyber security challenges. When the IOC engaged Atos, it recognized the need to raise cyber security awareness. It had also embarked on a major digital transformation, creating extra challenges for Atos to devise a strategy that was adaptable over time.


The solution


Atos’ integrated solutions and services include:

  • Security Operations Center providing continuous monitoring of cyber incidents and abnormal behaviors
  • Computer Security Incident Response Team analyzing potential incidents and mitigating threats
  • Global Threat Intelligence service to monitor and pre-empt threats across the internet and dark web
  • Security Information and Event Management analyzing real-time security events
  • Endpoint Protection Services protecting user devices and servers
  • Cyber security training for IOC and selected stakeholders.

Business benefit


Cyber security and awareness across the IOC have been significantly strengthened. The IOC can react fast and effectively to potential and real attacks, with:

  • Real-time 24/7 monitoring of IT and real-time response to security threats
  • Prioritized security incidents based on reliable and real-time impact assessments
  • Effective threat management to maintain an up-to-date understanding of external threats
  • Continuous control to identify any gaps with respect to the IOC security baseline.

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The world is changing rapidly. The Olympic Games, alike our societies evolved and will continue to evaluate. Driven by the maturity of mobile technology, we expect these will be the first Olympic Games experienced live by the majority of its global viewers online.

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