Is it possible to transform an entire business in just 15 months?

Industry: Utilities
Region: Italy
HQ: Bologna
Company size: 200 employees

“We are very satisfied with the results achieved with Atos. The strategic choice to rely on this highly experienced partner was crucial to stand out from our competitors.”

Matteo Bernardi,
CEO Illumia

With Atos, that’s exactly what Illumia has achieved using DORA (Digital Operations for Retailers by Atos), a game-changing digital platform for gas and electricity companies.


As well as being Europe’s first full SAP S/4 HANA implementation, Illumia’s digital transformation with DORA delivered immediate financial benefits in a deregulated market. By integrating and accelerating processes across the business, DORA is enabling Illumia to enhance its customer service, optimize its operations and stay fit for the future.

The challenge


In today’s highly disrupted Italian energy sector, every company needs to be flexible and lean while offering great customer experiences and innovative services. In order to pursue its growth strategy and increase market share, Illumia needed to digitally transform its operations within a short timescale. To advance these ambitions, Illumia chose Atos as a partner, together with Atos’ comprehensive framework for energy companies, DORA.

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The solution


Using DORA as a framework, Atos solution was to transform Illumia’s operating model by customizing the platform where needed – including automated integration with third parties. This created a unique, fully integrated end-to-end digital platform for managing Illumia’s Operations, Finance and Customer Relationships in a seamless way.

Using Atos’ proven design, implementation and change management methodologies, the team took a ‘big bang’ approach to deliver a successful transformation at pace.

Business benefit


The project enabled Illumia to sustain its growth and future-proof its business. DORA ensures lean, real-time business management, together with consistent data integration throughout Illumia’s organization. As a result, Illumia has accelerated time to market and increased its ability to design memorable experiences for its customers. Benefits delivered include:

  • Reduction in numbers of full-time employees
  • Improved cash flow
  • Accelerated processes
  • Lower total cost of operating.

With its agile, end-to-end digital platform, Illumia is now ready for upcoming challenges and to embrace ongoing change, including new digital tools to support sales.

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