Help to Save scheme

Empowering people on low incomes to develop their savings

“The Help to Save programme demonstrated a strong collaborative
approach across departments that enabled a successful public launch and very positive customer feedback. As such it’s a clear example of how we can work in partnership with other government departments to help
successfully deliver policy objectives for government,”

Dax Harkins,
B2B Director, NS&I GPS

Help to Save is an award-winning, government-backed UK-wide scheme designed to empower working people on low incomes to build their savings. It is the easy, safe and secure way for Working Tax Credit and Universal Credit customers to receive government support to start saving.


Atos and NS&I Government Payment Services (NS&I GPS) worked with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) HM Treasury (HMT) and Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) to deliver the scheme.

Help to Save is available to around 3.5 million people and customers can save between £1 and £50 a month in their Help to Save account and get a bonus of up to 50p for every £1 put in. Currently more than 132,000 people have opened accounts with Help to Save and deposited over £31 million.

The challenge


The Help to Save scheme was wide ranging and complex that required a flexible savings product to support financially excluded people on low incomes to build their savings and develop an ongoing savings habit. The scheme needed to include real time digital verification and eligibility validation by coordinating data across multiple government departments. Finally, the scheme needed to be digital first, attractive to targeted savers and provide offline support to those who need it.

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The solution


Atos and NS&I GPS worked with HMRC, HMT and DWP to develop a solution with a streamlined procurement route and the benefits of ‘Crown to Crown’ interdepartmental working. The team adopted a highly collaborative approach underpinned by clear, robust governance.

The public launch was a success and Help to Save was held up as ‘an exemplar’ in an Office of Government Commerce (OGC) Readiness for Service Review.

Business benefit


  • The Help to Save scheme has been recognised with awards for Financial Inclusion, Investments, Customer Service and System & Service Interoperability
  • The overall initial cost to the taxpayer of delivering the Help to Save scheme has been reduced by 23%. Cost savings have been achieved through ongoing effective collaboration
  • In 2019 the Help to Save programme passed all three Government Digital Service (GDS) Assessments ­first time and met all 18.

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