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Joining the fight against COVID-19 from home

Industry: Healthcare
Region: Asia Pacific

Atos has been a strategic partner in securing a safe work-from-home environment during the COVID-19 outbreak, ensuring business continuity to its client in Asia-Pacific.


Atos’ client, one of the world’s largest healthcare company, is committed to improve the heatlh of the community, and to create access and affordability for everyone. For more than 100 years, this healthcare company has strived for the wellbeing of people, throughout every stage of life. In the face of COVID-19, it is more important than ever that this client remains ready to work and connected to its people and its community.

The challenge


The outbreak of COVID-19 has deeply modified the way we interact with each other and accelerated our entry in a new digital world. During this unprecedented and uncertain time, millions of people have suddenly been asked to stay at home. Whistle working-from-home begun to become the new normal, industries had to quickly adapt and digitalize their environment. Atos has been providing IT services for a healthcare company in Asia Pacific for years, connecting people and enabling them to access to a secure network. In March 2020, as the situation of the coronavirus pandemic started to evolve rapidly, Atos ensured adequate IT preparation for business continuity to its client.

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The solution


Atos stepped up its efforts to ensure a smooth IT preparation for business continuity. Amid the challenge faced by industries as the coronavirus pandemic was gripping companies all around the world, Atos supported its client in the planning, the implementation and the delivery of End Users Services (EUS) measures and services across their sites in Asia Pacific. Atos has provided daily performance reports of critical preparedness, readiness and response actions for COVID-19, has supported daily cadence for close monitoring of call/ticket volume, call wait time, average handling and ensuring that issues related to remote working were addressed in a timely manner. Atos has built EUS teams to handle increased support for remote working as well as requests for virtual meeting tools set up. Atos has also rolled out Virtual Bright Red IT Support Kiosk at its client’s main office, allowing them a personalized virtual face-to-face interaction with an IT Support Professional.

Business benefit


In the face of the COVID-19 outbreak, Atos has been assisting its client, one of the world’s largest healthcare company, in transitioning 15 000 employees across Asia Pacific from on-site user base to a work remotely new normal. Atos has provided training on the usage of remote tools, quantified the VPN connections and collected and distributed the workstations from the office location to their homes, enabling the users to work remotely. Atos’ team has been proactive and quickly transferred the technology around to ensure business continuity and operational customer service lines. Operating a daily touch point, Atos assured a smooth and consistent delivery of services that allowed its client to keep working in a safe environment amid a world’s crisis.

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