Redefining openness and collaboration for GasTerra

Industry: Energy
Region: The Netherlands
Headquarters: Groningen
Company size: 200 employees

“Johan Stäbler, management team member responsible for IT strategy at GasTerra, is convinced that companies succeed by doing what they do best. “GasTerra is not an IT or an IT service company. In many respects, we are closer to financial services with our core business in trading natural gas. We needed clarity of IT vision and efficiency in execution – but that did not mean we needed to own the operational IT skills.”

Johan Stäbler
Responsible for IT strategy

Sustainability – a new world of work redefining openness and collaboration


Since deregulation, the gas trading market has become increasingly dynamic, and GasTerra itself reflects this dynamism. With just 200 employees, the company procured 83 billion cubic meters of natural gas in 2012 for both Dutch and overseas usage, with turnover of over €23 billion.

In 2012, GasTerra and Atos worked closely together to redefine the workplace. The company has developed significantly since it was spun off from the Gasunie public private partnership, owner of the natural gas transmission network in the Netherlands, in 2005. The spin-off was originally prompted by regulatory change and industry liberalization.

Today, GasTerra combines an agile entrepreneurialism with its fifty-year trading heritage. The overall character and behavior of the company is strongly influenced by the social and environmental responsibility championed by its senior management team.

The transformation of GasTerra reached a new milestone in 2013 with the opening of its new office in Groningen in the North of the Netherlands. The way people behave and perform is directly influenced by the way their working environment is designed, and the new building is a showcase for positive social engineering in the workplace.

The challenge


  • Since deregulation, the gas trading market has become increasingly dynamic.
  • Regulatory change and industry liberalization.
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The solution


  • Positive social engineering in the workplace
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Genuine and proactive change in working culture

Business benefit


  • Optimization of the space needed to run business
  • Employees greater freedom to work both on and off-site
  • Environment in which are naturally encouraged to work with a greater degree of collaboration and creativity

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