Creating an online furniture showroom

Industry: Discrete Manufacturing
Region: International
HQ: Glan, Austria
Company size: 925 employees

“We are transforming the way construction materials providers work with architects. At FunderMax, we strive for the perfect user experience, and Apple™ and SAP are enabling us to do just that with the help of our strategic partner Atos.”

Hartwig Schwarzlmüller
Vice President, FunderMax

Together with FunderMax, Atos has designed and developed a Digital Sales Support App, empowered by Apple™ SDK on the SAP Cloud Platform™


Atos Business Accelerators transform enterprises into real-time organizations. Leveraging the enterprise Cloud environment, we optimize business processes and foster new business models and opportunities through real-time services and high-velocity innovation. Atos Business Accelerators are based on SAP S/4HANA™ solutions as well as other mainstream business process solutions

The challenge


When Austrian furniture, facades and interior fittings specialist FunderMax decided to transform the way in which its sales teams and partners interact with end-customers, it turned to the SAP solutions enabled by Atos Business Accelerators.

The solution


Together with FunderMax, Atos has designed and developed a Digital Sales Support App, empowered by Apple™ SDK on the SAP Cloud Platform™. This solution enables 120 internal salespeople and 45,000 global partners to deliver an enhanced customer experience and showcase the beauty and quality of FunderMax’s products in real-time and on mobile devices.

Business benefit


Thanks to the Atos Business Accelerators solutions, FunderMax sales personnel and end-customers can now enjoy a truly compelling user experience, which digitalizes all FunderMax’s products and represents the company’s core values of quality, creativity, innovation and beauty. With this innovative and forward-thinking solution, Atos has been able to bring the FunderMax portfolio to life.

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